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Ohio’s Official Source for Police Interceptors

Chapman Ford is Ohio’s official source for Ford Police Interceptors. As Ohio’s first and oldest Ford dealer, we are incredibly proud to serve our state and those protecting it. We’re the top-ranked fleet dealer in the region and the Ford dealer with priority for municipal Police Interceptor orders. But what does this mean? When you work with Chapman Ford, your department gets the best pricing and priority order allocation to ensure your officers have the vehicles they need to protect and serve.

A Full-Service Center for Police Interceptors

What happens after we outfit your department with Ford Police Interceptors? It’s a question we’re proud to answer because it reflects our ongoing commitment to the individuals that protect our communities throughout the great state of Ohio. We’re here for all your automotive needs.

Equipping your department with Police Interceptors is an investment worth protecting. Chapman Ford is ready to help you do just that, ensuring your officers are safe behind the wheel and that your fleet of SUVs continues to serve your department well. The master technicians that run our comprehensive Police Interceptor service center guarantee as much and have set new standards of excellence in the industry.

We know your job is incredibly important, and any time you spend away from the station is time wasted. Our goal is to minimize that downtime in every way possible by offering pickup and delivery services. When it’s time for routine maintenance or more complex repairs, you can rest easy knowing Chapman Ford is dedicated to minimizing inconvenience so that officers never miss an opportunity to serve and protect.

Why the Ford Explorer Interceptor Is the Best Police Vehicle

Ford has worked with local law enforcement for the last 70 years, listening intently to what departments need, want, and expect in their units. Over the years, Ford has learned many valuable lessons, none more important than that a police vehicle needs to be rugged, extremely capable, and reliable. In addition, it must withstand the most grueling circumstances, doubling as a work partner and tool for those dedicated to protecting others.

The Police Interceptor is the culmination of Ford’s partnership with law enforcement and its ever-expanding expertise in the field. This hybrid police SUV is the first of its kind, designed to help departments save money and reduce emissions without compromising performance or reliability. The Interceptor is the perfect SUV to introduce law enforcement to a new generation of vehicles that defy expectations.

Engineered to Offer Extreme Protection

While the Police Interceptor is a means of transportation, it’s also a tool, work partner, and protective shield for officers. Ford designed the Interceptor using its Side Protection and Cabin Enhancement (SPACE) Architecture, adding structural reinforcement for heightened protection. The result is phenomenal, with the Police Interceptor making history as the only vehicle in the world to successfully complete the 75 mph rear-impact crash test.

Hybrid Power and All-Wheel Drive Confidence

Police departments spend a small fortune on fuel to keep their officers on the street. Moreover, officers leave their vehicles idling when responding to calls, ensuring it’s always ready when needed. Unfortunately, idling vehicles burn a lot of fuel, which inspired Ford to equip the Police Interceptor with a standard hybrid powertrain with all-wheel drive. The hybrid powertrain relies on a lithium-ion battery, meaning the gasoline engine shuts off to conserve fuel while the car remains on standby. Moreover, by outfitting the Police Interceptor with all-wheel drive, Ford improves the SUV’s handling and traction in every driving condition, from high-speed chases to torrential downpours or wintry weather.

Tech-Savvy to Keep Officers Safe, Aware, and Connected

Ford knows the critical role technology plays in law enforcement, particularly when officers are behind the wheel. As a result, many departments outfit their vehicles as mobile offices with laptops and other equipment that ensure officers can respond to calls and complete reports from the cabin. The Police Interceptor takes this concept a step further by offering a 12.1-inch Integrated Computer Screen that frees up space in the tech-savvy cockpit. The touchscreen display can replace a laptop, doesn’t require specialized software, and features Ford’s industry-leading SYNC technology.

Beyond the Integrated Computer Screen, the Police Interceptor offers enhanced safety tools via the Police Perimeter Alert technology. Police Perimeter Alert builds on Ford’s Surveillance Mode, using the Blind Spot Information System to give officers a 270-degree view of the vehicle. This enhanced visibility lets officers remain safe inside the SUV while evaluating the situation and potential threats. If the system detects such a threat, it alerts the officer with a chime, activates the Rear View Camera, locks the doors, and rolls up the windows.

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The Ford Police Interceptor makes history as the first-ever hybrid police SUV. Ford accomplishes an incredible feat by proving hybrid power doesn’t compromise the Interceptor’s performance, capability, or responsiveness but heightens the characteristics expected of a police vehicle. It’s a stellar combination that Ohio police officers deserve to experience firsthand.

Chapman Ford is ready to help your department drive the best with Ford. We have priority for municipal Police Intercept orders, promising a streamlined process, the best prices, and an outstanding turnaround. From there, we’re happy to partner with your department and handle all your maintenance and repair needs from the convenience of our state-of-the-art facility. While you’re the best at serving and protecting our state, we’re dedicated to being the best resource for all your Interceptor needs.