Roomy, Spacious, and Secure: How The Ford F-150 Can Make a Great Family Vehicle

April 14th, 2023 by

A red Ford F-150 is shown towing a trailer on a snowy road after visiting a Ford dealer in Marysville, OH.

Many suburban families have faced the ultimate parenting problem: how to transport a larger-than-life brood of rowdy kids easily? Interestingly, they’ve found their answer, not in another SUV, but rather in a pickup truck. This creative decision sparked something bigger, revolutionizing driveways across suburbs everywhere and showing how flexible modern pickup trucks can be. For the on-the-go family, pickup trucks provide a great balance between work and play. Pickup trucks afford parents maximum flexibility with plenty of cargo space and seating capacity for even large families.

The Ford F-150 is America’s number one selling vehicle, and it’s easy to see why. It packs a punch in performance without sacrificing comfort, making this dependable truck ideal for families looking for style and practicality. With its great features tailor-made for parents with kids, there’s no wonder that the F-150 has been a top vehicle choice for families nationwide. Stop by Chapman Ford, your Ford dealer in Marysville, OH, to see how the Ford F-150 can be your family’s perfect ride. But first, here’s what makes the Ford F-150 an ideal car for families.

Smooth Performance and Ride Handling

Ride quality is an essential feature of a good family car, but many pickups have compromised drive and performance due to their off-road powertrains. The Ford F-150 stands out from the crowd with its intuitive continuous damping system that allows drivers to select different drive modes, like Tow/Haul mode, for heavy loads. This advanced technology adjusts acceleration and steering based on road conditions and load levels so you and your family can enjoy a smoother journey every time.

Ford’s intuitive drive modes perfectly answer practical driving needs, enabling parents to maximize their time behind the wheel. Families can choose Normal, Eco, Sport, Tow/Haul, Trail, and Slippery modes. For an environmental edge, try the Hybrid V6 engine option, which offers 430 horses and 570 lb-ft of torque, delivering a powerful yet fuel-efficient experience every ride.

Lots of Storage and Cargo Space

With its larger frame, the F-150 is an ideal family vehicle for those on the go. Are you traveling with more than two children? No worries! Thanks to its wide interior cab, you can fit three child safety seats in with space between them to spare, something that’s impossible with a regular 2-row car or minivan.

A car ride with kids can often be an adventurous experience. But thankfully, the center console in this pickup provides a ton of storage space to fit all sorts of toys and accessories––no diaper bag necessary! If that’s not enough room for your needs, there’s also an additional discreet storage area above the glove box.

The Ford F-150 is the perfect vehicle for family shopping trips. Its remarkable cargo space can fit a seemingly endless amount of bags. With no need to take out the stroller or rearrange all the soccer bags, groceries, or suitcases you’re transporting, you’ll have plenty of storage options in this pickup. And no matter how far those items roll, you don’t have to worry about returning them to the truck. Just use the step that slides out of your tailgate and grab onto a handlebar for extra support.

SuperCrew has Room for Car Seats

The Ford F-150 SuperCrew build has a spacious backseat, offering ample room for three car seats or a combination of car seats and people. Its width allows practically any configuration to work comfortably, while its depth means even the biggest infant seat or rear-facing convertible should have no issue squeezing in. It’s almost unbelievable how much space there is––in many cases, the room for car seats in this F-150 outpaces the area available in most SUVs.
Enjoy optimum reclining with the flat, comfortable back seat when installing a rear-facing car seat. The deeper lower anchors make it easy to securely install and remove child restraints without searching for them. Plus, no passengers will experience tight quarters due to a lack of overlapping belts between components.

The gray interior and dash of a 2023 Ford F-150 is shown.

Top Safety Features for Families

Pickup trucks are synonymous with power and weight, but beyond their size, they also offer an increasing number of safety features. Ford has rung the bell on this front by packing its F-150 range full of robust options for your protection that have received top ratings from government bodies and independent testing organizations like its five-star rating from the NHTSA. The Ford F-150 features safety tools and systems that protect your most precious cargo: your family.
The F-150 Limited trim has an impressive lineup of safety features, including lane-keep assist and blind-spot detection to ensure safety during your drives. Even the base F-150 model includes automatic emergency braking for ultimate peace of mind. The F-150 also offers comprehensive protection for your passengers with a complete set of airbags.

New pickup drivers can look forward to a smoother transition and greater confidence thanks to driver-assist systems that use onboard cameras, sensors, and radar, all working together in unison. With the touch of a button on its 12-inch touchscreen, exterior views are visible, making driving and operating this bigger vehicle more accessible than ever. From preventing collisions to detecting pedestrians in your path and anti-lock brakes for evasive maneuvers, the F-150 puts safety at the forefront.

Ford’s BlueCruise Technology

The F-150 is loaded with neat features such as the innovative BlueCruise hands-free cruise control system, which can be used on an impressive 130,000 miles of connected roads. BlueCruise revolutionizes the driving experience, allowing drivers to place their trust in technology, letting cameras and radar take control of steering on pre-mapped highways. BlueCruise is revolutionizing the driver-assist technology experience, offering a true hands-free driving capability. With its SAE Level 2 system in place, drivers no longer need to keep their hands on the wheel unless prompted by vehicle alerts, allowing for maximum safety and convenience behind the wheel.

BlueCruise provides an effortless experience with crystal-clear instrument panel indicators. When engaged, the color-coded display turns a captivating blue, so you’ll never have to guess whether it’s on or off. With BlueCruise, drivers are always in the know. The instrument cluster transitions to an intuitive Hands-Free mode with multiple visual cues, including text and blue lighting for those who might be colorblind. Plus, intuitive warnings ensure that everyone is kept in the loop and prepared for potential issues.

BlueCruise 1.2 is the updated version of this driver assist system which has expanded to include other essential features to keep your family safe. You can make your drive safer and more efficient with lane change assist! This helpful system will perform a hands-free lane switch using the turn signal and provide intelligent suggestions for when changing lanes is most advantageous.

For a safe and comfortable driving experience, BlueCruise 1.2’s in-lane repositioning adds an extra layer of security by keeping your car in its lane while automatically shifting away from large trucks on the highway. Also, this system includes predictive speed assist. BlueCruise automatically adjusts your speed as you approach sharp turns and alerts you when a change is needed.

A red 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor is shown parked on sand.

Bring Your Family into the Ford F-150 Family!

Parents searching for a simpler life have found an unlikely hero: the F-150 pickup. There’s no denying that running a household is often challenging, but with these vehicles making carpooling lines more than ever, families can now experience more efficient transportation without difficulty. With its remarkable capability and safety features, there’s no wonder why many people are opting for this family favorite to bring them closer together.

Is a Ford F-150 right for your family? At Chapman Ford, you’ll get the best deal on your dream car with flexible financing and competitive rates. Our finance team is here to help you customize a loan or lease rate that fits seamlessly within your family’s budget. Stop by our dealership in Marysville to test drive an F-150 and see how much this pickup can change your family’s life!