Why Parents Love the Ford Expedition

January 9th, 2024 by

A white 2024 Ford Expedition is shown driving on a bridge after visiting a Bellefontaine Ford dealer.

We know what a great place Logan County is to raise a family. It’s why we welcome so many parents to our dealership looking for that perfect vehicle for carting their little ones around town. We know the micropolitan area of Bellefontaine has so much to offer families, with its lovely parks and creeks running through the town. So, we want to help drivers here find that perfect vehicle for making the most of life in this region of Ohio. When customers tell us that they transport energetic, young passengers every day and need a vehicle that makes carpool feel more manageable, we take that request seriously. We have families, too, and we know what a big difference having those perfect kid-friendly features can make.

If you’re looking for a Bellefontaine Ford dealer to help you find a great, family-friendly vehicle, we’re here to help, and we would love to show you the Ford Expedition. We can’t say enough about the versatility of this SUV; it’s loaded with features that will keep finicky young passengers happy on long drives—and when your kids are happy passengers, you can be a safe driver. Here are a few reasons why parents love the Ford Expedition…

Seating Configurations

With many other SUV models available, seating capacities are restricted to one or two varieties. However, the Expedition is unique in that it’s available in a five-, seven-, and eight-seater. Many drivers appreciate that they can access all of the other great features the Expedition has to offer without being locked into too many or too few seats. So small families can choose the five-seater. Medium-size families can choose the seven-seater. Large families with a full baseball team to chauffeur around will do great with the eight-seater.

Each model also has configurable rear seating, giving you numerous ways to adjust the cargo capacity by folding down various seats. In terms of cargo and passenger space, the Expedition is one of the most versatile models in the Ford family of SUVs.

Built-In Wi-Fi Hotspot

Today’s youth are accustomed to always being connected. Many students do their homework online now, so giving your kids access to Wi-Fi in your vehicle can mean they can get a head start on assignments while you’re sitting in traffic. The Ford Expedition has available built-in Wi-Fi.

Kids can start their reading assignment on their tablet or laptop from the rear seat or complete online classes during the summer road trip, all from the Ford’s cabin. Alternatively, when homework is done for the day, young passengers can stream shows, listen to music, and play games in the Ford. If you have a long stretch of drive ahead of you and don’t want your kids getting restless, you’ll appreciate having built-in Wi-Fi.

Parents can take advantage of the Wi-Fi, too. Realize you forgot to turn in that one document before you left the office? Pull over, open your laptop, and send it from your Expedition. Need to look up directions to that road trip landmark, but your phone needs more data? No problem. Just use the Ford’s Wi-Fi.

Rear-Seat Entertainment

Parents also rave about the Ford’s available rear-seat entertainment system. If you prefer your kids not to keep their laptops or devices out in a moving vehicle, they can still enjoy shows, movies, games, and more via the rear-seat entertainment system. This consists of two interactive screens behind the driver and front passenger seats’ headrests and 16GB of built-in storage.

This system also includes a built-in Amazon Fire TV, so your kids can watch all their favorite Amazon Prime shows and movies, play downloaded games, and more. With voice controls, passengers can just speak and ask the system to play certain media, change the song, and start a game. Each screen can show something different or set them to mirror mode so they play the same media.

A black 2024 Ford Expedition is shown driving in a city.

Up to 15 Cup Holders

Car life just isn’t the same without all of your refreshing beverages. With 15 available cup holders, the Expedition provides more than two cup holders per passenger in the five- and seven-seat models and almost two per passenger in the eight-seat model. That means you can grant your kids’ wishes to bring their favorite sweet drink as long as they promise to use their second cup holder for a bottle of water. Plus, it means you—as a parent—can have your essential caffeinated beverage nearby, as well as something traditionally hydrating.

Easy-to-Clean Upholstery

If you have an active family life, messes happen. Luckily, the Expedition has available ActiveX seating; this synthetic material looks like leather for an upscale appearance, but it’s really easy to clean, stain-resistant, and durable—all of the qualities that matter in a family vehicle. So when your kids clamor into the back seats, dirty from a rained-out soccer game, or someone spills their juice box, you can easily wipe down the seats and move on with your day.

Six Smart-Charging USB Ports

Any parent knows that tensions can run high when there aren’t enough charging ports. Thanks to six standard charging ports throughout the Expedition, almost all of your passengers will have a place to plug in their smartphone or tablet. So you don’t need to end any backseat battles over who gets to play their games or watch their shows.

Versatile Climate Controls

Keeping everyone comfortable, climate-wise, is one more way parents can reduce backseat complaints. The Ford Expedition has a tri-zone electronic automatic temperature control. So front and rear seat passengers can not only set their preferred temperature, but they can also ask the Expedition to remember it for the next trip.

There are even rear auxiliary climate controls in the second and third rows, so everyone is in control of their zone’s temperature.

Family-Ready Safety Features

We understand that parents need to feel confident that they’re driving the safest vehicle, and we stand by the Expedition’s safety features. Its rear door child safety locks ensure that no rearseat passengers can open the back doors without your permission. There is also a LATCH system for easy child seat installation. Additionally, we would like to point out the safety canopy; in the event of a crash, this canopy inflates between the side window area and the passengers to provide added protection.

A dark grey 2024 Ford Expedition Platinum MAX is shown driving.

Check Out the Ford Expedition Today at Chapman Ford

We are thrilled to offer Logan County residents the all-new Ford Expedition. The 2024 model is absolutely packed with features that will reduce some of the headaches of parenting and boost those cozy family moments. We know how hectic carpool life can be, and we appreciate the thoughtful features in the Expedition that keep rear-seat passengers entertained and comfortable so parents can focus on the road.

At Chapman Ford, we carry every trim of the Expedition and can help you decide which one is best for your needs. Our friendly team understands the driving conditions around this part of Ohio, so they know just what features are great for Ohio winters, the local freeways, and more. Tell us what you want to do with your Expedition, and we’ll know which one will meet your needs. Our great finance team is also prepared to help you select the ideal lease or loan to keep your family on track with financial goals.

The Expedition is versatile, safe, and loaded with kid-friendly features. Come check it out today.