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Chapman Ford has been proudly serving the great people of Marysville, Ohio, since 1913. We have reveled in watching our community transform and thrive over this past century, and we take great pride in our multi-generational relationships with our friends and neighbors. As the oldest Ford dealer in Ohio, nobody knows which vehicles are best suited for this state's highways and byways quite like Chapman Ford—so if you are looking for a used Ford dealer near Columbus, Ohio, visit us first.

A grey 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a used Ford dealer near Columbus, OH.

We relate substantially to the Ford name, given that we are also an over-century-old staple of this country, having become one of the first dealerships to represent their brand outside of the state up north. Like at Ford, reliability and consistency are the heart of everything we do. We light up at the chance to put Marysville and Greater Columbus drivers in a used Ford vehicle that will empower them to enjoy our state to the fullest. With several Fortune 500 companies headquartered here, a rich cultural scene, and the incomparable institution of The Ohio State University, Columbus is an exceptional and spirited place to live. We want to see our customers get behind the wheel of a vehicle that's just as impressive and dynamic as this region. We know the people of Ohio, and we're proud to serve you. Come by and let us help you find the perfect used Ford to fit your lifestyle.

What Makes Ford So Special?

Ford regularly snags spots on best-of and best-selling lists, but what exactly makes Ford vehicles so special? Well, to put it simply, Ford cares about its customers; that's why it is always improving on its technology—particularly its safety features—to give drivers confidence and peace of mind. We see tweaks and upgrades to Ford's driver assist features almost every year. These features help drivers increase their awareness about everything happening around their vehicle and even take over some functions—when it's imperative—to avoid accidents. Ford is known for always being ahead of the competition with technology of this nature, which is one of the many ways they show their love for and devotion to their customer base.

A red 2021 Ford Explorer ST is shown from the front at an angle.

Ford vehicles also have a reputation for impressive longevity. When their competition starts to see their first breakdowns and malfunctions, Ford vehicles keep going and going; their durability is practically unmatched. In a world where we see so many manufacturers cutting corners and putting quantity above quality, Ford makes sure to put out a product line they're proud of—and that's why we're proud to carry used Ford, because even their pre-owned models will run like new.

Ford vehicles are built with levels of comfort and convenience often unfound outside of luxury brands, and they typically boast features that just make life on the road easier and more enjoyable. From configurable storage compartments to the best in infotainment to comfy seats that don't induce posterior fatigue on long drives, Fords are simply a pleasure to ride in and drive. You feel their commitment to quality the moment you slip into a Ford vehicle.

From Older to the Most Recent Generations

We make a point to carry a diverse selection of used Fords—particularly newer models and some of their most popular older models. We carry dozens of used F-150s, Ford's always-popular light-duty pickup with impressive capabilities and incredible reconfigurability; DIYers, contractors, and the like should check out a used Ford F-150 as these pickups are known to last for tens of thousands of miles without needing major repairs and deliver towing and hauling capabilities that make them ready for work sites.

We also carry the Ford Fusion, which dates back to 2006; this comfortable and fuel-efficient sedan is a favorite of work commuters and those looking to save money at the pump. It delivers a smooth ride, and newer models have infotainment interfaces that can keep up with current expectations of touchscreen technology and connectivity.

We carry Ford's dynamic lineup of used SUVs in all sizes, ranging from the full-size Expedition to the three-row Explorer and even the off-road-ready Bronco. With rugged handling, great driving systems for unpredictable roads, and powerful engines, these all deliver tremendous value for their price tags.

Of course, we also carry exciting used Mustangs, so speed lovers and those who can't resist the roar of an unbeatable engine can get a great deal on this classic muscle car. We love the whole Ford lineup—from tip to top—so we make a point to carry a diverse array of models from throughout the generations.

A white 2021 Ford F-350 Super Duty is shown from the front while towing logs.

Trade-In Your Current Model

We know that selling your old vehicle in a direct-to-consumer method is a headache. Between creating the listing, meeting up with prospective buyers, fielding lowball offers, and tackling test drives, it's a lot of work. The paperwork after the sale is also overwhelming. These are the reasons why we offer a fair and simple trade-in process; if you have an old vehicle you'd like to get off your hands before you shop for your next one, trade in your vehicle with us.

We offer fair pricing and will handle all the paperwork on your behalf. You can even value your trade-in here on our website and get an instant cash offer. We base our offer on the Kelley Blue Book, so you know our appraisals are fair and accurate.

We have the process of transferring titles down to a snap, and we know how to ensure everything is filed correctly with the proper authorities. So you can say goodbye to the stress of making sure you handled everything correctly after selling your vehicle. Plus, we appreciate it when our customers bring us their old vehicles, as we can round out another niche for it on our lot; we will be happy to work with you on a special deal for your next vehicle as a thank you.

The sooner you trade in your old vehicle, the sooner you get to shop for your next one. Let us make the process painless and fast for you.

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